Club Beyond

PWOC is glad to be a Chaplain sponsored program on Fort Benning.

Club Beyond is another Chaplain sponsored program for our youth.  Check it out!!

Fort Benning club Beyond is also on Facebook.

Club Beyond is an ecumenical ministry by the Chaplain’s Office that seeks to meet the spiritual needs of military teens by introducing them to the life giver Jesus Christ.  We do this by providing weekly “clubs” for sixth grade, middle school, and high school teens.  Club is a time when teens come together, sing songs, play games, and hear a brief message of who Jesus Christ is and what He wants to do for them.  Weekly Bible studies provide teens a safe environment in which they can come learn and grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

What’s happening At Club Beyond?

6th Graders at the Shack 3-4:30 Mondays

Middle School at the Shack 2-3:30 Tuesdays

High School at the Shack 6-7:30 Tuesdays

Beyond Club

Middle Schoolers – 3-4:30,  High Schoolers –  6-7:30

Club Beyond Kickoff Party

August 23, 2014