Important Notice From PWOC

Dear PWOC Sisters,

When I stepped into the role as PWOC International President last month, I cast a vision for getting “Back to the Basics” and used the analogy of a 4-ingredient pound cake to highlight our 4 Aims. Forget the pound cake, ladies, God is calling us to meat and potatoes!

Just this week, the Army Chief of Chaplains Office has announced a new plan to move all PWOC operations, including retreats and training, to the local installation level. Although this will be a change from our current structure, I believe that change can bring unexpected benefits.

Here in Washington, I teach a daily water aerobics class. Just recently, we switched from a “drop in” system to “pre-registration.” Many participants were frustrated, and we were sure the program would collapse. To our surprise, my class jumped from 3 to 13 students, who found the “pre-payment” system excellent accountability to exercise! Likewise, I expect to see great and unexpected benefits from this shift, because we serve a great God whose intentions toward us are always good.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions – and so do I! We will work out just “what this looks like” early in 2013, and make sure you are well-equipped to carry on the enduring PWOC tradition at your local installation. As always, the front-line of our ministry – our weekly fellowship and Bible studies – will remain the bottom line of our activity.

I can’t help but think of this year’s PWOC theme – Generation to Generation – and believe that what God has poured into this generation of PWOC women will bear good and glorious fruit in the next.

With love,

Andrea Plotner

p.s. These guidelines will apply to other chapel auxiliaries as well.