“Back to the Basics”

If you’ve ever made pound cake, you know there are just four ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. Of course, one can certainly add almond extract, lemon glaze, or even chocolate chips – and these are good – but nothing beats the simplicity of a perfect pound cake with a cup of coffee or tea shared with a friend. I like to think of PWOC, and our Four Aims, the same way.

The Four Aims of PWOC are very rich, pointing to our need for Christ’s salvation and sanctification or maturity, as well as our role as a ministry of the military chapel. For the sake of a sound bite, we often shorten them to “Lead, Teach, Develop, and Involve,” but consider their fullness:

·To lead women to accept Christ as personal Savior and Lord

·To teach women the history, beliefs and programs of the Church, all built on a solid foundation of worship and Bible study

·To develop in women the skills of prayer, evangelism, stewardship and social service, against a background of personal spiritual development

·To involve women in the work of the chapel, in keeping with their abilities and interests

The first aim sets the stage for the other three, because where you find Jesus, you find life. The next three aims stress sound doctrine, personal and practical faith, and fellowship with other believers. These four ingredients equal a recipe for success for the challenges of military life.

It is my vision to help PWOC get “get back to the basics” in this season of national change. I am a “big-picture” person and see that, out of both wisdom and necessity, PWOCI has the opportunity to simplify and streamline its message, its methods, and its resources.

The front line of PWOC should drive the bottom line of our activity. I would like to see better communication about working alongside the chaplaincy and more emphasis on equipping Bible study teachers.  I would like to see conferences focused primarily on training while local retreats focus on inspiration. I would like to see Bible studies where you show up with your Bible, and military women equipped to study and apply God’s Word. I would like to see the women of PWOC standing firm in the storms of life and helping others do the same. Back to the basics.

Like the pound cake, PWOC is built on quality and enduring ingredients. Our Four Aims point to Christ, and help us point military women around the world to Christ on a daily basis. On behalf my new team, your new team, it is our honor to work for the good of the chapel and its participants, and for God’s glory. We appreciate your prayers. Thank you, and God bless you.

Andrea Plotner

PWOC International President