Raise Your Hands!

The privilege to choreograph a dance to this year’s theme song, ”You Are Good,” was a thrillingly weighty and overwhelming responsibility to me – to the point of consuming. It took a few months and a small village ~ a wonderful worldwide team of praying women – who also gave feedback, a daughter – living across the ocean, a local dynamic duo – bringing feedback, filming and editing assistance and a patiently gracious husband – bless his heart ~ to move this project to fruition.

It was a movement of belief. Its foundation, its prayer, was to bring glory to our Lord, bless His people, promote unity across the generations and PWOC, and to capture the fruit of joy through worship.

After buckets full of that prayer, and as my husband affectionately calls it, lots of “flailing about,” the flow of movements started. Trying to translate my inner and outer desires to move in worship in spirit into what would be appropriate, doable, and meaningful for one or many was daunting. Perhaps for a professional it would have been a heavenly piece of cake. It felt more like earthly egg foo young for me.

I know movement in worship to be a spiritual attitude and atmosphere changer, so capturing that essence was challenging. I’ve witnessed the amazing sweetness and power of worship to the Lord and Him, in that moment, reaching down and around with His presence – leaving an afterglow of joy. Not being able to speak that over the dancers in person left me feeling frustrated. I kept asking “How can I help them get it, get there, meet you?!”

As I signed, walked, and danced, He began reminding me about Who He is. I relearned/remembered that all I had to do is rely on the presence of the Holy Spirit to be Who He Is. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit that moves me and gives me the choreography, and in turn, the choreography is simply a tool for His presence to move the dancer’s spirit before Him!


I had taken on a challenge and role in the project that wasn’t mine. Do you do that sometimes, too? Is my hand the only one raised?

In His presence is fullness of joy. That’s exactly where I want to be!

He truly is Lord of the Dance

** Raise your hands with me and many others in the journey in worship at the Conference. Rejoice your soles in dance to our theme song! Go to www.pwoc.org, theme resources under REJOICE. There are instructional videos for three levels of movement for the dance! **

Cinky Jones

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